Michael Mason
Original compositions of Jazz, Rock and World Music Released 2023
  • Michael Mason, Flutes from Miyazawa, Muramatsu and Nagahara, Yamaha MX88 Keyboard
  • Danny Goessling, Roland Octopad, Hand Pans and Hang Drums from Saraz, Pantheon Steel, RAV Vast and Xenith
  • Geoff Lowe, Acoustic and Fretless Electric Basses
  • Scot Ashley, Electric Guitar
  • Fareed Haque, Acoustic and Nylon Strings Guitar
  • Aras Biskis, Assorted African, Middle Eastern and Asian Drums and Percussion
  • Jose Natal, Congas, Allegre and Cajon Percussion
  • Samir Zayed, Kenvork Tabla
  • Kathy Batzkall, Artwork and Design
  • Geoff Lowe, Engineering and Editing/Co Music Producer
  • Fred Breitberg, Mixing and Mastering