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Throughout Human Revolution, Michael Mason creates inventive improvisations while joined by a variety of colorful sounds and tones. The opening “Gates to Raga” sets the stage for what is to follow It starts with some otherworldly sounds and then the Hang Drums are utilized to state a fairly simple but haunting melody. The interplay between the recurring theme, Mason’s flute, a bit of wailing guitar, and the percussionists create a memorable atmosphere that has the flavor of Indian music while avoiding falling into just one area of music.  Human Revolution is Michael Mason’s finest hour on record so far, consolidating his earlier accomplishments while pointing the way towards a very musical future.

Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist/Historian

A rich mix of jazz and grooves from Africa and South Asia are stirred by Michael Mason on a variety of flutes, mixing and matching atmospheres. A rich flavor from India blows in on “Gates to Raga” with a cheerful bass line leads to Mason’s flute chirping through “Sphere to Sphere”. Rich hand percussion percolates and sizzles on the dreamy “Tribute to Hang Massive” with some African picking plucked on “Into the Western Sun”. Exotic Asian fragrances float over the rich bass line of “Tribute to Halsall” and hints of the classic folk/blues are unearthed on “Cascade”. Spices from exotic places.

Jazz Weekly Magazine

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Wow, it is a fantastic album, the sound is so nice, upfront and muscular. Listened to it on my studio speakers. Loved how so much of spread was achieved with such an upfront sound. The flute is so full bodied and dynamic.. also the Hang drum sounds amazing, great combination with the flute. The bass is superb on Hang Massive. love the Electric Guitars too.. the smooth jazz feel in Evans Piece and of course Gates to Raga is a great opener, with the way the flute is introduced so well

Ricky Kej 
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Michael Mason has made an album that masterly tackled a tough task -- making a record that's ideally suited for a chill-out session yet packs serious instrumental punch. Far too many "mellow" albums wander into the tepid waters of new-age vegetation, but Mason makes sure that he and his colleagues present soothing contemplation alongside some impressive virtuoso blowing. It takes me back to releases of yore, such as Santana's "The Swing of Delight." You can drift off to the vibes while appreciating top-notch soloing. If the flute maestro takes this lineup on tour, it will be a gig not to be missed."

 Jack Walton, WSND’s Jazz Extrapolation at the University of Notre Dame. 

Jazz Flutist Michael Mason's classical training brings a considerable amount of heft to his technique in the jazz realm. Lyrical underpinnings bring a soothing, smooth sensibility to even the most "beboppish" of numbers––a delight and antidote in an angst-filled world."

Marilyn Lester, Journalist, New York City Jazz Record